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L  i  b  e  r  a  t  i  n  g

p  p  r  e  s  s  e  d


t h e

L i b e r a t i n g   t h e   O p p r e s s e d

True Purpose Ministries is a Faith-Based, State-Approved, Long-term, Addiction Recovery Program providing Evidence-Based treatment and housing to Men and Women in a Structured, Therapeutic Community Environment.


Men's Sober Living

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Our Men's Sober Living Program meets the resident where they are and disciples them with small group sessions, job and life skill trainings to help maximize who God has called them to be.

Pregnant Women's Home

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Our Pregnant Women's Home is designed to help drug-addicted mothers carry to a full and healthy term. The goal is to provide them with a drug-free environment to be where they can learn how to raise their children in the admiration of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Women's Sober Living Program is designed to equip our women with the necessary job and life skills trainings they need in order to help them discover their True Purpose.

Women's Sober Living

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Our Couple's Sober Living Program is designed for couples looking to battle the grip of addiction together. All couples will participate in group sessions with other couples to develop a community of hope and healing.

Couple's Sober Living

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Pregnant Woman and Partner

The Mission

To Disciple Men and Women struggling with Substance Abuse by providing a Jesus Christ-Centered, Residential Program that offers hope, healing, education and life skills necessary to lead a life of lasting sobriety and fulfill their God-given True Purpose to become the Son or Daughter of God that they are intended to be.

True Purpose Ministries is dedicated to providing a low-cost Recovery Center and Vocational Training Campus for those who have struggled with addiction. We offer discipleship and state-licensed treatment options to serve your needs.


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