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The Process


Whether you're applying for Intensive Outpatient (I.O.P.), or our Discipleship Program, the process is still the same. You will first need to apply and fill out the program specific paperwork.  Applying online is easy and can save tons of time when you come to the office. Simply click the 'Begin My Paperwork Now' button above to get started.


To submit your application, email to 





​Once we receive your application, you will then be contacted by an admissions coordinator to schedule your first appointment. Upon arrival , you will verify your application packet as well as undergo an extensive Medical/Psychological/Social evaluation  This evaluation will cover the many life areas impacted by addiction, mental health issues, medical history, and social/family/legal/vocation/financial areas of functioning. The assessment will be conducted in accordance with the criteria set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), and also include the use of instruments such as Addiction Severity Index, Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory, and other testing as may be deemed as necessary by the therapy team.



Once the process is completed, the recipient is referred to an intake physician or Psychiatrist, who will conduct a complete History and Physical to determine any underlying medical issues that may also need to be addressed by the team at True Purpose.  This is part of our belief in treating the whole person, not just the obvious issue of drug/alcohol use.

Any medical issues discovered will be discussed with the patient and team, after which a plan for medical therapy will be incorporated into the overall treatment plan.  Our belief is that these issues are not ordinarily dealt with directly in traditional treatment, and are often deferred to post discharge.  WE believe an integrated approach throughout the healing process is important.


If necessary, the client will either be admitted to detoxification, residential, or to one of our outpatient programs such as Intensive Outpatient, group or individual therapy. 

Step 1 - Apply

Step 2 - Intake

Step 3 - Admit

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