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I n t e n s i v e   O u t p a t i e n t

Sometimes, an addict recognizes his or her problem before it spirals completely out of control and wants to enroll into an intensive outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program.

The problems have yet to become crises … relationships damaged but not irreparably so … jobs in jeopardy but not lost. These patients may need help but have yet to reach a point where medically supervised detox and 24-hour residential treatment is required, but without immediate help, it’s only a matter of time. That’s where True Purpose's Intensive Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program comes in.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options

Licensed by the state of Tennessee, our IOP and Outpatient services are a structured program that provides rigorous therapy for those struggling with addiction. It’s intense, as the name implies, but it’s also a program that gives clients more responsibility in the maintenance of their own recovery.

Participant Requirements

Patients must be at least 18 years of age and chemically dependent, but that’s just the beginning — they must be motivated to change, willing to attend all meetings and submit to random alcohol/drug screenings. In addition, patients may be fighting the compulsion to use drugs, but that compulsion should be controllable in order to take part in the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. In addition, medical and/or psychological problems can’t be a factor, and a safe, stable, drug-free home environment is a necessity. Potential patients must also have their own reliable transportation to get them to and from IOP meetings and sessions.

What does intensive outpatient treatment entail?

  • 12-step recovery model

  • Individual counseling

  • Addiction assessment

  • Peer evaluation

  • Activity therapy

  • Continuing care/Aftercare

  • Group therapy

  • Meditation, spiritual education

  • 12-step groups

  • Psycho-educational groups

  • Education groups

  • Psycho-social assessment

  • Stress Management

  • Family therapy


The Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program typically lasts 90 days. We provide housing during this process for a more structured approach to IOP that provides accountability to the patient. Each patient is involved in a heavy mixture of our clinical and discipleship programs for a Holistic approach to provide long term success.

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